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28.19 Cluster Chandelier

28.19 Cluster Chandelier

Manufactured by bocci|Designed by Omer Arbel|Availbility: In stock

The pendants form a hexagonal cluster with a spread of 29.5" (750mm). The powder coated white round canopy is 20" (501mm) in diameter and 2" (53mm) deep. This is a low voltage chandelier; each individual pendant results from a complex glass blowing technique creating completely unique spheres. The pendants are composed of a collection of inner satellites", one of which is an opaque milk white glass bubble that houses a 20 watt xenon lamp. The pendants form three rows to create a linear cluster of 41" (1050mm). The 28.19 uses headphone jack connections, which allow the pendants to be plugged in" to the canopy for ease and speed of installation. The pendant lengths are pre-set during production and are not site adjustable. The client specifies the overall chandelier length when ordering. Cable lengths over the standard 10" (3m) are available up to 120" (36m) for special requests.

  • Round Canopy : 20"D; ~65.5 lb
  • LED Lamping : Add $15 per pendant
  • Standard drop length up to 10' max. Custom lengths available for additional charge up to 100'. Please note that Projects Furniture will contact all purchasers to confirm the specific details of their Bocci order. Products and prices are subject to change. Materials and measurements may vary slightly. Please contact Projects Furniture for precise information.

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