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Bloom Suspension Light

Manufactured by Kartell|Designed by Ferruccio Laviani|Availbility: In stock

Bloom is a tubular polycarbonate framework entirely covered by a structure of tiny transparent polycarbonate double corolla flowers. The result is an industrially produced lamp but with all the forms and stylistic complexity of a unique handcrafted piece. A series of little lights located within the skeletal structure beams the light shafts through the petals to refract on their faceted surfaces and multiply a thousand reflections. Available in the elegant transparency of crystal, matte white or black and in a sexy mix of pink and black, Bloom is a new way of interpreting a traditional lamp with that special added touch. A work of art that can furnish and fill a room all by itself, creating that atmosphere of "shining splendor".

  • Materials:
  • Frame: Transparent or batch-dyed polycarbonate
  • Flowers: Batch-dyed technopolymer thermoplastic
  • Dimensions: 20 5/7" Diam. x 27 5/9" H
    • Cable length: 31 1/2" - 94 1/2"
transparent crystal
// crystal
transparent pink black
// pink black
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