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FL/Y Suspension Lamp

Manufactured by Kartell|Designed by Ferruccio Laviani|Availbility: In stock

An essential lamp which is characterised by the “subtle interpretations of the theme". Made in transparent methacrylate in all the colours of the rainbow, the cover is not perfectly hemispherical but the cut-off is underneath the height of the diameter to collect the most light. What’s more, the special transparency of the material and the sheen of the colours bring to mind a soap bubble, iridescent with reflections of light. They are packaged individually, but also come in compositions that enhance their delicate chromatic variations.

  • Materials: Mass-dyed, metallic or painted PMMA
  • Dimensions:
    • Small: 15" Diam. x 11" H
    • Medium: 20 1/2" Diam. x 13" H
    • Large: 32 2/3" Diam. x 21 2/3" H
    transparent petrol blue
    // petrol blue
    transparent crystal
    // crystal
    transparent light blue
    // light blue
    transparent sage green
    // sage green
    transparent yellow
    // yellow
    transparent orange
    // orange
    transparent red
    // red
    transparent pink
    // pink
    transparent blue
    // blue
    transparent green
    // green
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