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K.Forty Cabinetry Series

Manufactured by Rifra|Designed by Rifra|Availbility: In stock

High end materials dedicated to the bathroom world, experienced and motivated human resources, combined with the latest technology available on the market, place the product of Rifra at the peak of production of the furniture "made in Italy". K.Forty is a linear monobloc washbasin unit. Its top has straight edge sides and its thickness depends on the material. Visible sides give simplicity and rigor. K.Forty has various combinations of dimensions: there are eight standard widths, one standard height and a unique depth of 54 cm available, but Rifra gives you the possibility to customize each size. Please contact Projects for pricing and size information.

  • Dimensions: many sizes available
  • Materials: this series is available in a variety of materials - glossy or matte lacquer, wood, cement, clay, raw oak + clay, corian, leather

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Call for price: (515) 557-1833

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