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LC16 Writing Desk

Manufactured by Cassina|Designed by Le Corbusier|Availbility: In stock

There are several versions of this small wooden writing-desk. Here Cassina reinterprets the project created for the children’s bedrooms at the unités d’Habitation, Nantes-Rezé. The design of these spaces and the furniture within them is characterized by close attention to the harmonious organization of both individual and collective life, with constant reference to the human body through the use of the Modulor visual measure system.

  • Dimensions:
    • Piano di appoggio SX: Desk on left (see dimensions below)
    • Piano di appoggio DX: Desk on right (see dimensions below)
    • Contenitore: 27.6" W x 10.6" D x 28.3" H - adding a container to one end creates a desk in the middle
  • Materials: A system made up of a mobile storage units surfaced in natural matte colored oak. The open compartment is equipped with fastened shelves. This system of furniture can be expanded with modular open elements.
  • Please contact Projects for pricing and additional finish options.
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