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OnEdge Mini Basketweave Placemat Set

Manufactured by Chilewich|Designed by Chilewich|Availbility: In stock

Inspired by Salvador Dali's "The Persistence of Memory," OnEdge™ evokes a sense of beautiful and fluid movement. OnEdge™ offers revolutionary presentation for the diner, inviting an entirely new means of personal expression. Its versatility makes it suitable in both home and restaurants/hospitality settings - or, simply, wherever cutting-edge style is served. Choose to make a bold statement with a brightly saturated color or add a modern accent with a soft neutral tone. Sold as a set including 2 placemats and 2 coasters.

Made in the USA with TerraStrand® and Microban®. Phthalate free. Chilewich placemats should be stored flat. Do not fold placemats or allow them to crease. To clean, simply wipe with soap, water and a soft sponge/cloth. Standard antibacterial cleanser can also be used. Air dry.

  • Dimensions:
    • Placemat: 14.1" x 16.9"
    • Coaster: 4"
  • Materials: woven extruded vinyl
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